Modern Innovations That Make CBD Even More Effective

Innovations In CBD
Innovations In CBD
Innovations In CBD
Innovations In CBD

We are officially riding the CBD wave at the moment. In one sweeping motion, the CBD industry has flooded the markets across the globe. The latest in line was the United States back in 2018, with their Farm Act that was passed. The skyrocketing climb to success was long called for.

Now even though we know the barrage of health benefits that CBD brings to the table, from lessening the extent of chronic pain to curbing anxiety- the amount of CBD that needs to be measured and taken, is still unclear. There isn’t any formula per say, which factors in age, gender, fat content, level of fitness, experience level and so forth, giving the final dosage that one needs to take on a daily basis.

One of the factors that play just as much prominence to the above mentioned has to be undoubtedly bioavailability. To simply put, it is the amount of CBD that your body actually has access to once you have consumed it. Different consumption methods have different bioavailability.

Vaping or smoke inhalation is one of the fastest ways to get CBD into the bloodstream, because the CBD makes its way into the lungs and finally directly to the bloodstream- unlike edibles, which undergo metabolism and further breakdown in the gut, lowering its effectiveness and bioavailability. This would mean that you need to ingest more CBD in order to get the same extent of effects compared to another method with higher ‘bioavailability’.

The bioavailability of inhaled fumes is around 40-56% compared to the 10% or lower in the case of edibles.

However, inhalation has setbacks. The effects fade just as soon as it comes. This is in contrast to edibles whose effects last for hours and hours on end. For those who are concerned about lung health, ingesting CBD orally is the safest bet even with its lower bioavailability.

However, there is good news. With the ever-growing popularity of the CBD industry, capital and resources are being poured in to refining the CBD strains and finding a better alternative to getting the CBD into your system. Here are some of the exciting innovations in CBD industry, that we have chanced across:

  1. Encapsulating The CBD In Liposomes

For those who aren’t aware, liposomes are already being used as a means to protect medicine as they pass through your digestive system. The drugs are enclosed in tiny bubbles of fat which are called phospholipids.

These tiny spherical bubbles have two ends: one is the end that is repulsed by water, while the other end is attracted to water. When the ‘phospholipids come in contact with water, the two ends turn away from each other in such a way so as to form what is called a ‘bilayer. The drug is stored in the bilayer, and it keeps the drug from reacting and breaking down before it is meant to.

Liposomes can transport the medications to specific tissues without breaking down by the digestive processes. Because of this, the substances that are transported have high bioavailability.

The research that ties in the use of CBD with liposomes is still somewhat few and far between. However, there is plenty that speaks of the efficiency of using liposomes for the transportation of hydrophobic molecules like CBD that tend to repel water.

  1. Making Use Of Nano-emulsions To Improve The Delivery Of CBD

This technology is somewhat similar to liposomes. Nanoemulsions are developed from nanotechnology, which stems from technology that works in the scale of the size of a nanometre.

In order to create a Nano emulsion, all you need is water, oil, the medicine in question, and a compound to stabilize the mixture.

Since the sizes of the molecules are small, it becomes easy to penetrate tissues in the body. What this essentially means is that the medication can be delivered in full dose to exactly the site needed. No need for it to go through the digestive system and other processes. This technology is relatively new and is still being tested. Keep your eyes and ears peeled out for this.

  1. Increasing The Efficacy By Means Of Adding Fluoride To CBD Molecules

The efficacy of CBD molecules can be upped with the help of a process called fluorination. During this process, a fluoride ion is attached to a carbon atom in the drug’s molecular structure. The reason why this is done is that:

  • Enhances the molecule’s ability to bind to receptors.
  • Slows down the metabolism of the drug- this means that the drug lasts longer in the body and hence gets more time to work.
  • Increases the bioavailability by means of making it easier to dissolve in fats.

While Fluoride CBD or F-CBD still has a long way to go before it hits commercial markets the potential and promise this holds is plenty.

The future holds exciting innovations that will change the way CBD works for us- All we can do is to wait patiently.