Best THC Free CBD Oils In The Market

Out of all the CBD products that make hype in the market, CBD oils have an upper hand in terms of potency and concentration. These features encourage many to start their CBD trial with CBD oil, but many aren’t educated enough about the factors that determine CBD oil quality and their significance in deciding the quality of CBD experience.

Being an FDA regulated product, CBD oils maintain THC levels in them below 0.3%, but this minimal THC content bothers many, especially people who take regular drug tests. People who do not appreciate THC content in their CBD oils opt for THC free CBD oils.

Here is a list of the best THC free CBD oils.

Balance CBD

The source of CBD oil plays a great role in deciding its quality and oils made from US grown hemp has impressive quality, as the CBD market is strictly regulated in the US. Fraudulent companies often import CBD from China, which has lower quality and contains impurities. Balance CBD oils are made exclusively in the US.

All of their CBD products are vegan, GMO free and strictly undergoes third party lab testing. Apart from CBD oils, Balance CBD has an impressive selection of CBD products including pet products, edibles and topicals. Balance CBD’s THC free CBD oil is available in a number of flavors including vanilla, mint, strawberry and wildberry.

Green Roads

If you are searching for CBD oil that is free of THC, Green Roads helps you with a wide selection of THC free CBD oils of varying strengths. A new CBD user and an experienced CBD user require CBD oils of different strengths and Green Roads offer CBD oils of strengths that are in the 100 to 3500 mg range.

Every batch is tested by third party labs and the results are available on their website. It is not just the CBD that is tested for quality but all raw materials used to make CBD oils are tested. Green Roads uses CO2 method of extraction in the manufacture of CBD oils, which is undoubtedly one of the cleanest CBD extraction methods.

 Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus is committed to social causes and is an employee owned and operated company that offers discounts to low-income households, veterans and people with long term disabilities. They have a simple list of natural ingredients that include CBD isolate and fractionated coconut oil.

Lazarus CBD oils are made from hemp crops cultivated in their own farms and they use a vertically integrated process to manufacture CBD oils. The presence of pesticides and heavy metals can be toxic to humans and Lazarus CBD oils are free of toxic metals and pesticides. They use ethanol extraction method to manufacture CBD oils and all of their products are third party lab tested, with the results available on their website.

Ananda Hemp

CBD oil by Ananda hemp is made in the US and Ananda Hemp has the certification of Kentucky Department of Agriculture because they use 8th generation Kentucky farmers. Ananda Hemp CBD oil is made using hemp flower extract, MCT oil, cold-pressed hemp oil and terpene blend.

Ananda Hemp works with farmers and plant geneticists to ensure better seed to product control. High price is one of the downsides of the CBD oil and third party lab tests are not available prior to the purchase.

Joy Organics

To retain the natural flavor, Joy Organics’ CBD oils keep their ingredient list simple, which includes hemp extract and extra-virgin olive oil. However, three more flavors, mint, lemon and orange are also available.

These three flavors have extra ingredients like myrcene, humulene and -carophyllene essential oils but no fillers or binders are added to the oils. The CBD oils come in four strengths 1500mg, 1000mg, 500mg and 250 mg.

Joy Organics CBD oils are third party lab tested but the results are not immediately available on their website, which is one of its downfalls. Its high price when compared with CBD oils of other brands is also a drawback.


The brand is based in Kentucky and they produce high quality THC free CBD oils that are available at affordable prices. The CO2 mode of extraction used to manufacture cbdMD CBD oils is an assurance of oil purity.

The CBD oil is broad spectrum, indicating that it is free of THC but contains all the essential phytocannabinoids of hemp plant. Each milligram of CBD oil has a price of $0.05.

 Until recently, the brand released lab reports for the CBD concentrate alone without showing results of potency testing of the individual products. Things have changed now and if you contact their customer service, you can get the lab reports of every product.

Multiple factors influence a CBD oil choice and they include price, potency, concentration, hemp source and many more. Unless you are confident enough about the credibility and transparency of a CBD oil brand, you should not go ahead with purchasing the brand’s product.