Production of CBD: What Happens in the Fields?

Benefits Of CBD
Benefits Of CBD
CBD Oils
CBD Oils

CBD products have been becoming increasingly popular in the market. Being a natural product, the journey of CBD oil starts out in the fields. The market that CBD oils have is encouraging people to take up hemp farming. For the farming to be profitable, careful employment of farming methods and techniques are necessary.

Hemp has been traditionally cultivated for fiber and hemp seeds have high nutritional value. Cultivation of cannabinoid-rich hemp is gaining popularity. It is the cannabinoid-rich hemp that is used to produce CBD. Growing CBD rich hemp demands expertise. Achieving high CBD levels alone can’t be set as the aim. The THC levels have to be kept below 0.3%.

Type of Plants Cultivated

Usually the female plants are cultivated because growing both male and female plats in the same field increases seed production and decreases CBD levels.

Finding the Right Seed

It is not easy as we think to find the right variety of hemp seed. In the first place, we aren’t looking for a garden plant seed or a food crop seed. So we have to put in a little more effort to find the best seed. Seeds are available in Europe and Canada but whether or not it will be suitable for the US soils is debated.

Growing Conditions of Hemp


The soil in which hemp is cultivated has to be aerated well. Loamy soil suits the best for hemp cultivation. The soil has to be rich in organic content and has to be fertile. In case the soil lacks some minerals, the supply of lacking minerals has to be ensured. The right pH for hemp is 6 to 7.5.


Hemp plants, being ‘sun-loving’ have to be planted in places where there is adequate sunlight availability. Hemp can grow in even 6 hours exposure to sunlight but as much as 12 hours of sunlight is best for its growth.


20 to 30 inches rainfall is required for the healthy growth of hemp and if the rain gods don’t bless we have to adopt proper irrigation strategies. Water absorption by the plant keeps on increasing till the flowering begins. This has to be kept in mind while making irrigation arrangements. Ensuring that the soil moisture level doesn’t go below 80% is quintessential in ensuring healthy growth of hemp.

Pest Control Measures

Hemp plants have to shield themselves from the attack of the pest army. White and grey mold disease has been affecting hemp over the years. Viral and bacterial infections are also common in hemp plants.

Hemp Harvest

Cannabinoid levels in hemp reach the peak during the month of October. This is the harvest season for hemp.