What You Need To Know About CBD Bioavailability

CBD For Bruxism
CBD For Bruxism
CBD Bioavailability
CBD Bioavailability

When consuming CBD, you have to be aware of the different factors that can affect the health benefits provided by this compound. It includes the CBD bioavailability, dosage, the method used for consuming CBD, etc. You have to educate yourself about these factors for getting the maximum effects provided by this compound.

CBD bioavailability is an important factor that can greatly affect the effectiveness of CBD. It can be defined as the amount of CBD entering your bloodstream after it is processed by your body. So it is important for you to increase the bioavailability for getting the maximum benefits from CBD.

When consuming CBD, you have to be aware that most of the CBD you are consuming will be lost during the processing of this compound by your body. Only a small portion of CBD will enter your bloodstream and the rest will be eliminated by your body as waste. The bioavailability associated with different methods for consuming CBDcan also vary greatly. Hence, it is important for you to know about each of these methods for knowing which is the right option for your condition. Therefore, we are listing some of the important methods that are used for taking CBD and the bioavailability associated with them.

Oral Consumption

This is the most common method that is used for consuming CBD. You can take CBD oil, tinctures, or isolates directly through your mouth. In addition to this, you can also mix them with your foods or drinks for making the consumption easier. It is also possible for you to get CBD capsules, pills, and edibles which are specifically designed for taking CBD orally.

However, oral consumption provides the least bioavailability when compared to other methods that are used for taking CBD. As it involves digestion and metabolism, a huge amount of CBD will be lost even before it reaches your bloodstream. The bioavailability associated with this method is between 6-19%. So you will lose almost 80% of the CBD you are consuming.

If you consume CBD using this method, the results you get will be slow. It takes more than an hour for the CBD to reach your bloodstream after digestion and metabolism. So this may not be the best option for people who are seeking immediate results from CBD.

Even though the bioavailability associated with oral consumption is very low, there are some simple tricks you can do to increase the absorption of CBD by your body. Some studies suggest that CBD will be best absorbed by your body when it is consumed with other food items. Also, the absorption rate will be maximum in the presence of fat. So taking CBD along with fatty foods can increase the CBD bioavailability thereby increasing the effectiveness of this compound.


Smoking is one of the efficient methods used for taking CBD that can provide immediate and intense results. You can get CBD cigarettes directly from the market. If the smoke associated with these cigarettes is not comfortable for you, then you can get CBD e-cigarettes which come with CBD e-liquid. This option is safe than normal cigarettes, as they do not produce carcinogenic compounds that are created when the plant materials are burned. However, these e-liquids can still contain compounds that can be harmful to your body.

The bioavailability associated with smoking is almost 31%. Here, the CBD will reach your bloodstream swiftly through your lungs. Hence, it can bypass digestion and metabolism. So the amount of CBD lost will be low when compared to the oral method. It can also provide you fast results.


This is the most efficient method that is available today for taking CBD. It includes inhaling CBD vapors that are produced by a vape pen. You can get CBD vape juice that is specifically designed for using in vape pens. So you can easily produce CBD vapors using them. Similar to smoking, when you vape CBD, it will pass through your lungs and reach your bloodstream. Therefore, the wastage of CBD will be minimum when you take CBD using this method.

When you vape CBD almost 56% if CBD will be delivered into your bloodstream, so the bioavailability will be the maximum. This method can also provide you fast and intense results.

Sublingual Method

This is another important method used for consuming CBD. Here, you will have to hold a few drops of sublingual CBD drops under your tongue, where the enormous number of capillaries in your mouth will absorb the CBD present in it directly to your bloodstream. This method provides a bioavailability of 12-35%. You can increase this bioavailability by holding the CBD drops in your mouth for more time. This will help you to get better effects from CBD.

CBD bioavailability is an important factor that can affect the benefits you get from this compound. Each method used for consuming CBD varies in terms of the amount of CBD it delivers to your bloodstream. Therefore, you have to choose a method that can provide you enough bioavailability that is required for providing the desired health benefits.