Can CBD Treat Bruxism?

CBD For Bruxism
CBD For Bruxism
CBD For Bruxism
CBD For Bruxism

Scientists are still exploring the characteristics of CBD and have so far discovered many of its uses. What is exciting is that one of their findings is about how CBD helps fight bruxism. This article is about why you can use CBD to treat bruxism.

What Is Bruxism?

It is okay to grind your teeth when you feel determined, angry, stressed, or any other extreme emotions. However, it raises concern when this happens while you are asleep, unconsciously, or habitually. Although bruxism might seem harmless from the outside, it will cause quicker wearing of teeth, and make it painfully sensitive. Headaches, paining jaws, poor sleep, etc are the other side effects.

Why Do Some People Develop Bruxism?

Unfortunately, doctors have not been able to pinpoint the exact cause of bruxism. They say that it could occur due to a mixture of factors like stress, anxiety, and hyper activism. There are also genetic causes. Besides, different situations might also spur bruxism.

Is it Safe to Use CBD For Bruxism?

Nowadays, it has become common to see CBD products stacked in supermarkets. In fact, you might have heard of the different benefits of CBD. CBD is regularly taken by people despite it being connected to the infamous cannabis family.

Although there are no studies on CBD oil for bruxism, anecdotal evidence says the cannabinoid is effective. Those who have used it say that the regular consumption of CBD oil, reduced their teeth grinding and also the pain caused by it.

Let’s look at how CBD treats bruxism.

CBD Reduced Anxiety

Bruxism is caused or triggered by stress and anxiety. It is known that CBD controls anxiety and is so effective that it is prescribed by doctors. Thus, CBD helps treat bruxism by regulating anxiety.

CBD Reduces Inflammation

Since CBD helps reduce inflammation, it can help halt spasms and relax tense muscles that strain the temporomandibular joint and the jaw muscles. This reduces not only bruxism but also many other disorders.

CBD Helps With Chronic Pain

CBD is widely used after conducting proper clinical tests for pain management. Hence, it can also help combat the uneasiness and discomfort caused by bruxism.

CBD Promotes Quality Of Sleep

Bruxism is known to interrupt sleep and by having CBD, the user can have a smooth and sound sleep.

You can also try mouth guards, muscle relaxation exercises, stress-relieving activities, and medicines for anti-inflammation to treat bruxism. However, it will be better to choose CBD over other medicines since it is natural and has harmless side effects. But, see to it that you have CBD only in prescribed doses.