CBD Laws In Ohio

CBD Benefits
CBD Benefits
CBD Laws In Ohio
CBD Laws In Ohio

Before the US farm Bill came into effect, CBD was a federal controlled drug substance in the US like marijuana and its derivatives. Things changed as the Farm bill was passed in 2018 and hemp CBD is no longer a federal controlled drug substance, provided it contains less than 0.3% THC. That said, CBD laws see variations across states.

In this session, we are going to discuss about the CBD laws in Ohio.

Ohio’s New CBD Law      

You can find CBD products available at your local store and health food markets but the products have to be derived from hemp and not marijuana lest they will scrutinized according to the marijuana laws of the state. To clear up the confusions about CBD, Ohio legislature passed the Senate Bill 57 that decriminalized hemp in Ohio and opened up a world of opportunities to the hemp farmers and CBD manufacturers in Ohio.

Below given are some of the key points mentioned in SB 57.

Hemp is decriminalized in Ohio: The law permits the farmers to grow and process industrial hemp facilitating the flourishing of a new industry in the state.

Licensing system for hemp growers: The law has created a licensing system for people who cultivate hemp in the state.

Retailers are permitted to sell hemp: SB 57 permits retail stores to sell CBD products, provided they are derived from hemp, meaning that the THC content is less than 0.3%.

Ohio Department of agriculture is assigned the leadership: The authority that creates and enacts the rules for the state’s hemp program is the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

The law promotes scientific research: The law allows colleges and universities to cultivate and process hemp for the purpose of research. Institutions have to submit University Hemp cultivation and Processing Research Application to the authority to get their research projects approved.

Hemp Cultivation In Ohio 

The rapid growth in the sale of hemp has encouraged farmers in states like Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky to take up hemp cultivation. Although marijuana cultivation is illegal in Ohio, hemp cultivation is permitted if the cultivator has proper license from the state agriculture department. Those who do not follow the regulations might have to face charges for a controlled substance felony.

Although CBD is regarded as an agricultural product as per the US Farm Bill, it is strictly regulated by the federal governments and before you deal with CBD products, it is important to know the CBD laws of your state.