CBD Laws Of South Dakota

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CBD Oil For Stress
CBD Laws
CBD Laws

South Dakota is one of the places in the United States of America that have strict rules regarding Marijuana use. Even though it is legal to use medical marijuana in other parts of the country, the state of South Dakota strictly banned the use of these substances even for medicinal purposes. According to the state laws, having possession of cannabis or medical marijuana of less than 2 ounces is considered a minor offense but anything more than that is treated as a felony.

Since the federal government made it legal to deal with CBD around the country through the farm bill of 2018, many states like South Dakota that had strict regulations regarding medical marijuana made a lot of changes in their local rules. While some of those states liberalized their rules, others made it more rigid. Therefore, it is necessary to understand them separately. The following are some of the basic things to know about the CBD laws in South Dakota.

Is CBD Legal In South Dakota

After the implementation of the federal law, the local government of South Dakota has made some changes in their medical marijuana regulations. According to the new rules, a person suffering from the conditions specified by the government including PTSD, Autism, Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, etc., who have a license is allowed to have possession of CBD for their treatment purposes.

Types Of CBD legal In The State

There are mainly two categories of CBD oil, one will be pure CBD and the other will be having traces of other cannabinoids including THC. As per the state laws of SD, it is legal to buy and sell only those CBD oil and other products that do not have any other compounds, especially THC. In addition to that, the local laws are still considering CBD oil with a high concentration of THC as schedule I drug and having possession of the same is considered as a criminal offense.

Are Doctors Allowed To Prescribe CBD 

The rules and regulations determining the authority of doctors in the state of South Dakota are restricted to prescribe CBD to their patients because it is an element derived from the family of cannabis plants. The medicinal stores in this state are also not allowed to sell CBD products to the common people even if they are suffering from severe epilepsy.

Since there are government controlled marijuana dispensaries and no license issuing body, a person will have to get the license from other states of the USA to legally use CBD.