What Happens If You Take CBD And Alcohol At The Same Time?

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Consume CBD And Alcohol
Consume CBD And Alcohol

CBD is one of the many cannabinoid compounds present in the cannabis plant. Its therapeutic effects make it popular among people all across the world. Many people are asking about how the body will react if you consume CBD and alcohol together.

The answer to that question is complex. Consuming alcohol and CBD has some benefits as well as drawbacks. Keep on reading this article to find out what happens if you take CBD and alcohol at the same time?

Consuming CBD And Alcohol Together

According to medical studies, mixing CBD and alcohol and consuming it can lead to some limited health risks. In a study conducted in late the 70s, two groups of people were administered with alcohol and a mix of alcohol and CBD respectively. The study found significant impairment of motor functions and changes in mood and behavior of both groups. When observed, both groups had similar inhibitions and impairments.

A closer observation of the study showed some positive results. When looked at the blood samples of the group that received both CBD and alcohol together, it was observed that there is a significant reduction in the blood alcohol levels. But still, it is not safer to mix and consume CBD and alcohol. The effects of consuming alcohol and CBD together are similar to the effects of consuming alcohol alone.

Effects of Mixing Alcohol And CBD

When you consume CBD and alcohol together, the relaxing, numbing and sedative effects of both the substances will get intensified. This is mainly because both CBD and alcohol are depressants. Even though CBD is not a substance that can cause mind-altering effects, their associations with alcohol can amplify their subtle sedative-like properties.

There is no need to mix CBD and alcohol in one drink to experience the effects. If you are taking CBD 4 to 8 hours after consuming alcohol, you still get more intensified effects. The interaction of CBD and alcohol inside the body will result in greater loss of control and motor coordination. To put it simply, the effects of consuming CBD and alcohol is more intense than the effects of consuming alcohol alone.

Potential Benefits Of Mixing CBD And Alcohol

Even though consumption of alcohol and CBD together can cause negative effects, it also has some potential benefits. Some animal studies show that CBD can protect from liver damage caused by excessive consumption of alcohol. Also, CBD can reduce alcoholism and the symptoms associated with its withdrawal.