CBD is among the biggest trends of the last few years. Short for cannabidiol, it is a substance present in cannabis sativa plants, and it is added to oils, lotions or foods. CBD is considered a cure for many conditions, including anxiety, mental depression, pain, insomnia, and it could relieve conditions such as Alzheimer’s, cancer and multiple sclerosis.

Millions of people have tried CBD, usually to relieve anxiety or chronic pain, because the US government legalized selling and commercial consumption of it in 2018. Despite the legalization of CBD by the Trump administration’s Agricultural Amendment Act or Farm Bill, there is still misconception regarding it.

We post everything about cannabidiol on this website, including the legal matters related to this substance. Many online customers ask whether it is legal and safe to consume CBD, and it is important for websites like us to answer their questions. We have touched upon the legality of CBD in one of the posts, and have directly answered whether it is legal in this nation.

Still, it is important to note that laws concerning such substances keep changing from time to time. So there could be more such articles published on this website in the future.